what to wear

Trying to decide what to wear for your upcoming portrait session? There are never any hard & fast rules, but we do have some ideas that always make for great portraits!

Kids & Families

For families, outfits don't need to match (in fact it's better if they don't!) but they should coordinate. Textures, accessories (such as hats, fun boots, scarves or jewelry), bold colors and layers really add visual interest to your portraits. Avoid wearing anything with logos or writing on it, which years from now may look dated. If you're a Pinterest junkie (like me!) check there for more ideas by searching for "what to wear - family photos".


We like to work with newborns just the way they came into the world ... skin only! We always bring cute hats and props to use during the session, or if you have a favorite we're happy to use it. We can also incorporate a favorite outfit during parent shots - which can be either posed or 'life style'.

If you plan on doing parent shots, a black tank (for Moms) or t-shirt / short sleeved shirt (for Dads) is simple and timeless.


Headshots aren't just for actors anymore. With the explosion in social media, everyone can benefit from a great headshot for FaceBook, LinkedIn, or on a corporate website.

When you arrive for your headshot session, make sure your hair and makeup are ready to go. If you'd like a stylized session please let us know and we can arrage it with a local makeup artist.

Texture and layers look great on everyone. That can mean a jacket/shirt combination, v-neck sweather under a leather jacket, or just a tank or shirt with simple jewelry. Avoid bright patterns that will quickly look outdated and stick with dark and mid-tone colors. Sometimes even bright colors can look great depending on your skin tone. White does not photograph well for headshots.